SEPnet Graduate Network

The SEPnet Graduate Network (GRADnet) brings together the research strengths of nine leading University physics departments that make up SEPnet in the south east of England to create the largest Physics post graduate school in England. GRADnet works closely with employers to offer a coordinated and bespoke skills training programme for its students designed to meet the needs of students, employers and university research groups, building links with other key regional players such as STFC, EPSRC and the Harwell Science & Innovation campus. GRADnet acts as a magnet for the very best international students and researchers.

The rewards of combined investment

Channelling research expertise into one central, combined resource, GRADnet provides a wide range of postgraduate training opportunities. We combine modules from different universities and offer specialist modules designed for physics postgraduate researchers. The benefits for teaching and research are clear, from significant investment into video conferencing facilities linking the universities for postgraduate teaching collaboration, to the co-ordination of a range of new skills modules. For students and employers, GRADnet already offers:

  • Residential Summer and Winter Schools for PhD and MSc students to develop their professional and technical skills
  • Theoretical and experimental training and supervision
  • Student placements, such as CERN and with physics employers
  • An improved PhD and MSc experience across the region
  • A series of E-learning modules based  on peer-learning principles
  • Two-day, discipline-focused advanced physics schools run by experts in their fields
  • Student-led conferences

For more details, see the GRADnet Brochure 2019-20 Final 16 pages 31072019

This video produced by our students at our first Summer School in 2014 gives a flavour of what to expect.


Other resources

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