The Publication Process

created by Ilana Wisby, Royal Holloway University of London

A PhD student’s step by step guide to publishing for the first time:

The publication process can be a daunting, frustrating and often stressful process – particularly when faced with it for the first time! This course seeks to assist you on this journey:  aiming to help maximize your publication chances whilst minimizing stresses, achieved by assisting you increase in efficiency, organisation, preparation and knowledge through use of course content and documentation.

This course is designed both for initial learning, as well as a complete reference document for you to return to as and when needed.

From this course you’ll gain:

  • General knowledge and awareness about the publication process
  • Awareness of the importance of communication and writing etiquette for positive outcomes
  • Realistic expectations of the process ahead
  • Organisation and preparation skill

See link here: Publication Process