WISE ‘People Like Me’ Case Studies

In 2016 SEPnet and WISE ran a joint project to encourage more girls to consider careers with physics.

Research conducted by WISE in the Not for people like me report found that talking about scientists and engineers, and what they do, often doesn’t attract girls. Instead, allowing girls to look at the sort of person they are and how their attributes correspond to roles in these sectors does.

See below to read profiles from a range of women working in physics.

In January 2019, WISE launched a brand new outreach tool – My Skills My Life – to inspire girls to consider a career in STEM. It is an interactive, online tool that allows girls to find out their personality types and shows them role models with similar personality types working in STEM. WISE have over 600 role model case studies on the platform, which include information about pathways and brings the role models to life for the girls. The online platform also includes information about companies and the opportunities they have to offer. To try the resource, browse role models or create your own role model profile, please visit www.myskillsmylife.org.uk.


Alys_Bret_High_ResAlys Brett – Communicator, Entrepreneur and Explorer

Software is one of the driving forces of change in the world so there are loads of opportunities to combine it with other interests.” – Alys Brett, Data and Coding Team Leader, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy



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Amanda Brummitt WISE photo

Amanda Brummitt – Investigator, Developer and Entrepreneur

(The best parts of my job are) the people and just how outside the box it is from what most people think.” – Amanda Brummitt, Mechanical Project Engineer, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

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Amy Hearst photo 1

Amy Hearst – Explorer, Entrepreneur and Supporter

It’s amazing to work from the initial idea to a final product which I can hold in my hand.” – Amy Hearst, Process Engineer, Finmeccania


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photo_CLeeClare Lee – Manager, Explorer and Investigator

I get to decide what science problems we investigate and make it happen.” – Clare Lee, Strategic Head of Observational Based Research, Met Office


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Fiona Robertson – Regulator, Explorer and Investigator

My job can be challenging, which is fun … it’s amazing to see all the different uses of lasers.” – Fiona Robertson, Laser Safety Technician, Lasermet


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Gwenaelle Lefeuvre – Service Provider, Manager and Explorer

I have to understand the physics and chemistry of diamonds and how well or poorly they can perform in various environments in order to design and fabricate sensors.” – Gwenaelle Lefeuvre, New Technology Development Manager, Micron Semiconductor



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Jen Gupta – Trainer, Persuader and Supporter

One of the best things about my role is changing the way that people think about physics.” – Jen Gupta, Outreach Officer, Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation at the University of Portsmouth


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Jessica Hamer Portrait

Jessica Hamer – Trainer, Service Provider and Regulator

“The best part of my job is seeing the enthusiasm and
excitement of young people when they learn something
new for the first time – it sounds cheesy, but it’s true!” – 
Jessica Hamer, Project Officer, Institute of Physics

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Karen Masters – Communicator, Explorer and Trainer

I get to play with amazing telescopes and look at galaxies perhaps no-one has ever looked at before.” – Karen Masters, Reader in Astronomy and Astrophysics, Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation at the University of Portsmouth

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Kathy Romer – Explorer, Supporter and Service Provider

(the best things about my job are) the variety of things that I do and the fact I get to meet interesting people. I am never bored!” – Kathy Romer, Reader in Astrophysics, University of Sussex

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Laura Benn PortraitLaura Benn – Communicator, Trainer and Service Provider

“The best part of my job is the variety
of work – every project is different!” – Laura Benn, Physicist, Magnetic Shields



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Maria Cann Portrait

Maria Cann

“The work is very varied. No two days are the
same. I learn new things everyday because we are
always using different applications and techniques.” – 
Maria Cann, Research and Development Project Engineer, M-Solv UK


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Niloufar Wijetunge – Trainer, Communicator and Supporter

I got to teach disengaged students about the physics of football. This was hugely rewarding.” – Niloufar Wijetunge, Head of Physics & Teacher Trainer, Ruislip High School and Institute of Physics


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Olga Kazakova Portrait

Olga Kazakova – Investigator, Developer and Service Provider

“Every day is never the same. It is anything but
boring. It is high level of adrenaline.”
Olga Kazakova, Principal Research Scientist, National Physical Laboratory


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Sarah Lonsdale portrait

Sarah Lonsdale – Explorer, Investigator and Developer

I like the fact I have the opportunity to shape my project if I discover something interesting that I would like to pursue—not a lot of jobs can offer that.” – Sarah Lonsdale, PhD student, University of Edinburgh



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Sarah Medley

Sarah Medley – Explorer, Service Provider and Entrepreneur

Aside from being part of cutting-edge research to develop the energy source of the future, I love being able to directly apply the physics and maths I learnt at school in the real world.” – Sarah Medley, Tritium Plant Engineer, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy



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