Employer Engagement

page_image_employer_engagement2Our aim is to promote physics in industry through engagement with employers in the South East of England. That’s why we’re committed to offering businesses access to some of the brightest minds by providing students with opportunities to work for eight weeks in industry.

Why hire a physics graduate?

A physicist is a problem solver. According to the Institute of Physics, ‘today’s physicists are employed across a broad spectrum of careers because their education and training can be applied to any number of situations, from academia and industry, to consultancy and financial services’. Considering that physics has been recognised as a subject of strategic importance for the UK economy, the benefits are almost limitless.

I’m an employer in the region. What can SEPnet do for me?

We aim to ensure that graduates are qualified to meet industry expectations and that employers know where to find the right candidates. We also consult with an Employer Advisory Panel and companies that recruit physicists into a range of roles. As well as a rich network of leading universities, talented individuals and superb facilities, we can offer:

  • A route to access physics students and graduates from nine universities
  • Sponsorship and award schemes in partnership with industry
  • A fully supported undergraduate placement scheme
  • The chance to advertise graduate level vacancies and placements to our large student population, free and confidentially
  • Access to Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and knowledge exchange opportunities
  • Access to world-class research facilities in the South East of England
  • Introductions to award-winning academics at the leading edge of innovation and technology
  • Invitations to SEPnet sponsored careers events
  • A personalised approach to meet your expectations.

If you’re an employer who’d like to be involved and help to grow physics in the South East, please email employerengagement@sepnet.ac.uk

Working with our SEPnet Partner Universities


The unique structure of SEPnet provides a large, significant, interconnected and engaged base of leading researchers of the highest calibre, as well as a number of opportunities for businesses and companies to draw on our unrivalled wealth of expertise.

That’s why we’re always more than happy to hear from organisations who’d like to work with any of our institutions on knowledge transfer projects, or work with our leading academics on a consultative basis.

If you’re interested in developing a partnership with one of our research teams or need a physics specialist consultant, there’s every chance that we could help. For more details, please contact us by sending an email to employerengagement@sepnet.ac.uk

Graduate Recruitment & Placements


Organisations like QinetiQ and the National Physical Laboratory, as well as SMEs and spin-out companies, use the SEPnet Summer Internship Scheme to identify fresh, new talent and improve graduate recruitment.

Our physics undergraduates are numerate, confident with software, technology and data analysis. They have extensive laboratory experience and work on group and individual projects as part of their physics degree. Many have had substantial and relevant work experience through the SEPnet Summer Placement Scheme.

We are always looking for employers to talk face-to-face with our undergraduates about career options, which also provide you with the opportunity to meet students. We also provide students information about graduate recruitment schemes, summer placement opportunities and sector-specific careers advice.

If you would like to tap in to our network of talented potential employees then please email employerengagement@sepnet.ac.uk.

For more details please visit SEPnet Summer Placement Scheme – Information for Employers.