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SME-DTN Workshop: Shape an inclusive workplace culture through inclusive communication and allyship

The SME-DTN workshop: Shape an inclusive workplace culture through inclusive communication and allyship took place on Friday, 8 December 2023 at the Institute of Physics in London.  This workshop was designed for postgraduate researchers and their industry and academic supervisors as well as the wider SEPnet. 

The workshop, delivered by specialist inclusion training company, Altogether Different helped delegates build empathy with the challenges faced by people in historically marginalised communities – giving them the skills and confidence to support diversity and role model inclusion of all kinds with their team.

Navigating the world of workplace inclusion can be difficult. With ever evolving identity language, understanding unspoken barriers that people face at work and maintaining a culture of belonging, there’s a lot to think about.

Delegates were able to reflect on, and discuss, practical ways to be an ally and understand barriers that people in historically marginalised communities face in the workplace. Attendees learned that allyship comes in many forms, but ultimately, it’s when you’re not personally part of a particular marginalised community or communities but you take the challenges on as your own.

The workshop covered diversity areas such as Race & Ethnicity, Gender, LGBQTIA+, Neurodiversity, Age, Disability, World Religions – and how these facets of ourselves shape our experiences in the workplace.

Thank you to Charlotte Butler, Founder of Altogether Different our workshop leader.  Charlotte specialises in facilitating sometimes sensitive conversations about identity and workplace culture. Charlotte has worked across many different industries and organisations. Her friendly non-judgemental approach helped us to build a better understanding for workplace inclusion – leaving participants with practical tips and knowledge to put into practice right away.