We have collected together useful resources, both from ourselves and others, which can help support science and STEM learning whilst schools are closed. These resources may be of use to students, parents and teachers. Please feel free to get in touch with us to ask any questions at outreach@sepnet.ac.uk.

This list is by no means exhaustive, and other organisations are similarly curating resources, such as The Ogden Trust’s home learning resources hub.

Primary/ Early Years

  • The Institute of Physics has developed a set of activities designed to be easy to do with household items. They are explained with some help from their resident cat and mouse, Marvin and Milo: http://www.physics.org/marvinandmilo.asp
  • The Institute of Physics has launched ‘Do Try This At Home’ which is full of family friendly activities to do at home: https://beta.iop.org/athome
  • The Royal Institution has a huge array of resources suitable for ages 4-11 through their ExpeRimental webpage: https://www.rigb.org/families/experimental

Family Friendly


Resources for Parents/Teachers