14 careers you can do with your physics degree

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Careers with Physics - Architect


Architects design buildings, spaces and places in all of the built environment.

Visit Brady Mallalieu website

Careers with Physics - Astronomer


Astronomers study how the Universe works, from the origin of planets, stars and galaxies, to the understanding of cosmology.

Visit University of Surrey’s website

Careers with Physics - Electrical engineer

Electrical engineer

Electrical engineers build and maintain electrical components. They make sure everything is safe and working as it should be. Electrical engineers are creative, logical and collaborative.

Visit AWE’s website http://www.awe.co.uk

Careers with Physics - Energy Analyst

Energy analyst

Energy analysts support different parts of the energy team. They use energy data to accurately model what is happening in real life to enable the business to make decisions.

Visit Thames Water’s website

Careers with Physics - Food technologist

Food technologist

Food technologists ensure that the food and drinks we consume are of consistent quality and safely produced.

Visit RSSL’s website

Careers with Physics - Games designer

Games designer

Games designers use computers to create exciting and fun games. They use code to create playable virtual realities.

Visit Fat Fish Games’ website

Careers with Physics - Geophysicist


Geophysicists use physics to explore deep into the earth using active and passive high-resolution imaging techniques based on many of the same principles as medical physics.

Visit CGG’s website

Careers with Physics - Laboratory technician

Laboratory technician

Laboratory technicians build and maintain equipment in scientific facilities, whilst working alongside senior scientists.

Visit National Physical Laboratory’s website

Careers with Physics - Meteorologist


Meteorologists predict what will happen with weather on Earth.

Visit The Met Office’s website

Careers with Physics - Nuclear Energy

Nuclear engineer

Nuclear engineers design and build nuclear plants and the equipment used in them.

Visit Jacob’s website

Careers with Physics - Radiographer


Radiographers use equipment to diagnose or treat patients who are ill or injured.

Visit The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust’s website

Careers with Physics - School teacher

School teacher

Teachers educate and inspire school students with science.

Visit The Millais Alliance’s website

Visit Forest Learning Alliance’s website

Careers with Physics - Spacecraft Operator

Spacecraft operator

Spacecraft operators control the flight path of spacecraft and satellites.

Visit Surrey Satellite Technology’s website

Visual effects artist

Visual effects artists create computer generated characters, scenes and effects.

Visit Framestore’s website


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