Schools Outreach

page_image_schoolsThe SEPnet Outreach aim is to deliver activities which communicate the following messages to students in Key Stage 3:

  1. Anyone can do physics.
  2. Physics is exciting, relevant & important; it goes beyond the classroom.
  3. Studying physics further broadens career possibilities.

SEPnet Outreach provides a coordinated programme to schools and colleges to maintain and grow the current physics student population – benefiting from economies of scale, mutual support and partnership rather than regional competition.

SEPnet will continue to encourage projects which involve multiple engagements with fewer students across the region, helping build longer term partnerships with teachers and schools.

All SEPnet partners offer Connect Physics as the basis of their schools outreach programme. Resources are limited across SEPnet, with each partner only able to work with a smaller number of schools intensively. Please get in touch with your local Outreach Officer for availability.

Partners looking to work on improving the gender balance in Physics are encouraged to participate in SEPnet’s Shattering Stereotypes project which has been developed based on the latest research from the IOP’s Improving Gender Balance team and is being delivered to Improving Gender Balance schools in 2018/19. (You can read about Shattering Stereotypes’ first pilot year here.)

If you are thinking of booking a SEPnet workshop or have booked one please check the Teacher’s Guide. Please also check with your local Outreach Officer as some details will be different across our partner universities.