Impact Acceleration Accounts

Impact Acceleration Accounts (IAAs) are budgets held by universities specifically for the development of commercially-relevant ideas and technology. Several SEPnet partners hold physics-related IAAs.

Projects undertaken within IAAs often require the services of researchers at relatively short notice. These projects can provide GRADnet postgraduate researchers (PGRs) and early career researchers (ECRs) with a short (typically 3 month or so) period of paid employment working at the research-commercial interface of a university project.

If you are a researcher potentially interested in a secondment to a future IAA project …

As the timescales for appointing an IAA research team and conducting the work can be short, SEPnet PGRs and ECRs who are interested in being contacted about IAA projects are invited to register their interest in advance. You can do this by emailing your CV and a very brief statement outlining your skills, scientific interests, and preferred placement types to the Executive Director. Your details will then be held and passed to the relevant SEPnet member when an IAA project arises that might match your profile. (If you are interested in the details about how SEPnet holds and shares your data, see our data and privacy statement. By acting on this open invitation to register your interest, you are deemed to have agreed to this policy.)

If you are an IAA project leader seeking temporary  researchers for your project …

SEPnet PGRs and ECRs who are potentially interested in a secondment to IAA projects can register their interest in advance with the Executive Director. If you email the Executive Director with information about your requirements, SEPnet may be able to help you recruit able and willing researchers.

We are happy to offer this match-making service to non-SEPnet IAA holders as well.