Strong Correlations Workshop 11-13 April 2018

What: A 2.5-day residential workshop that describes the background science of strongly correlated systems and experiments to probe them.

Who:  1st and 2nd Year Physics postgraduate researchers working in condensed matter physics.      

When:  11-13 April 2018

Where:  Old Thorns Manor Hotel, Liphook, Hampshire

Numbers:  Circa 25-30 delegates

No two researchers would ever completely agree on the definition of a strongly correlated system; however they may very roughly be described as materials where the correlations between electrons induced by interactions make the behaviour of the material ‘interesting’.

This interactive two-and-a-half day residential workshop is designed for PhD students who would benefit from learning more about this subject. The course will consist of three short lecture courses of three lectures each, covering both the theoretical concepts necessary to understand strongly correlated systems, as well as how one would probe them experimentally. The course will be self-contained, assuming only a knowledge of quantum mechanics and undergraduate level solid state physics. It should therefore be beneficial to students working on both theoretical and/or experimental projects. 

In addition to the lectures, the workshop will have tutorials that pose and discuss problems related to the lectures. This will also offer an opportunity to ask many questions and continue further discussions with all of the lecturers. There will also be a poster session, some evening seminars, and a skills session focussing on scientific communication. 

Posters to be presented must be size A1 portrait.

Travel expenses, meals and accommodation are covered by SEPnet.

Registration deadline 9 March 2018.

Register here: