SEPnet Graduate Network Videoconferencing


SEPnet’s Graduate Network uses JANET’s IOCOM Visimeet software to broadcast and receive videoconferenced lectures. This provides an open and flexible platform for videoconferencing. Whilst most lectures will be broadcast from and to the main SEPnet videoconferencing rooms at each site, Visimeet allows individuals or small groups to participate via smaller VC facilities or desktop and laptop computers. Whilst these lack the full power and quality of the main VC rooms, they are adequate for remote users or times when the main rooms are unavailable.

Anybody wanting to follow any NExT PhD School or any GRADnet lectures remotely, should download a Visimeet free app/licence from:

This allows new users to sign up and automatically be invited to the sepnet community and sepnet account. Users will have a trial licence for 30 days after which it will downgrade to a free licence with limited function sufficient to view a lecture as it is broadcast.

Support information is available here.

This should register your account as a trial or free licence and allow you to download the Visimeet client. If downloaded from the JANET server it should have the correct settings, but the Visimeet Server should be set to . If it is not, then please change it on the sign-on screen.

Videoconference technical contacts:

Location Technical Email Room Booking Admin Support
Hertfordshire Vito Graffagnino Kathy Head k.head@HERTS.AC.UK
Kent Trevor Reece James Burt spspg@KENT.AC.UK
Open Geoff Bradshaw Rosalind Miller
Portsmouth Gary Burton Emma Wildman
QMUL Jonathan Anegbeh Robert Miles
RHUL Andrew Casey A.Casey@RHUL.AC.UK
So’ton Rob Stanley Ceris French
Surrey Darryl Patto Cristobel Soares
Sussex Cassandra Churchwell Emma Ransley

Meetings can be arranged by contacting the Videoconference contacts or by use of one of the SEPnet virtual meeting rooms (SEPnet 1 thru 9 or SEPnet Ad-hoc). Sites broadcasting a lecture or the event organiser should use the meeeting room assigned to them in the first instance. These can be selected from the “Meetings” scheduler visible on the left hand side of the Visimeet desktop. The organisers of a broadcast lecture should select and advertise the “Virtual Room” AND Meeting number it is to be broadcast on. Please cc: on Calendar meeting notices so these may be included in the published Videoconfrence Diary.There are “student” licences available at each SEPnet member which enable more functionality such as viewing more video streams, greater ability to broadcast from your account and record lectures. Please ask your local Videoconference technical contact or Graduate Training Academic lead if you need this capability on a temporary basis.

There are currently 9 dedicated SEPnet meeting rooms:

Virtual Room Meeting Number Primary Users(s)
SEPnet 1 55993730 Kent
SEPnet 2 55993731 Portsmouth
SEPnet 3 55993732 QMUL
SEPnet 4 55993733 RHUL
SEPnet 5 55993734 Southampton
SEPnet 6 55993735 Surrey
SEPnet 7 55993736 Sussex
SEPnet 8 55999924 Hertfordshire
SEPnet 9 55999925 OU

Users can join meetings from the Meeting button on the Visimeet client and selecting the Virtual Room name or by entering the Meeting number associated with that virtual room and selecting “Join Meeting”.

There is a SEPnet Ad-Hoc virtual room for unscheduled meetings.

Please only use these means of accessing the videoconferences if there is no other means of attending as more connections increases the bandwidth pressures by the square of the number of connections! Multiple attendees from any one location should aim to use the main videoconference room if available or from one office or conference room.

If it is felt that the performance of the system is being unduly impacted by large numbers of connections then we will consider restricting the ability to connect. Similarly if non-SEPnet users connect or too many connect from the same sites, we will restrict the connections and the licence privileges.