Student-led Conference: Soft Matter: the unseen science all around us

Who: Postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers with research interests in this year’s conference topics (see at right). A limited number of places are available to early stage researchers outside SEPnet.

What: Two parallel conferences proposed and organised by students wanting to advance their research, extend their collaborations, and demonstrate professional competencies. The conferences include talks by invited speakers and students as well as poster and recreational sessions.

When: 25-27 March 2020 (Arrival 16:00 on 25 March for meet and greet at Stag pub on campus)

Where: University of Southampton.

Numbers: Circa 20-30

This conference aims to bring together students from all areas of soft matter physics to network and share ideas. Soft matter encompasses a large number of fields including experimental and theoretical physics, covering anything from biophysics at a nanoscale through to polymers and porous media and wider areas of physics. Participants will get the chance to learn about practical and analytical tools taught by experts in the field.

Lead organisers: Virginia Apostolopoulou (Surrey) and Rhiannon Harries (Sussex)

Parallel conference: The Big Data Era in Astronomy

Both conferences will include research talks by students and invited experts and there will be an evening poster session. There will be a call for abstracts of contributions in the autumn.

This event is free (SEPnet pays for your accommodation and course fees) for SEPnet postgraduate researchers and travel expenses incurred can be claimed from your Physics Department.

Submit your abstract here. Abstract deadline 6 January 2020. Once your abstract has been accepted please register here. Registration deadline: 24 February 2020.