Machine Learning and AI Workshop 15-16 January 2020

Who: PhD students and postdoctoral researchers interested in modern data science and AI and how this is applied to physics and astronomy.

What: A 2-day workshop that consists of presentations and tutorials to ensure delegates get the chance to learn about modern methods and have the opportunity to get some hands on experience.

When: 15-16 January 2020

Where: Queen Mary University of London, Mile End Road, London

Numbers: Circa 30-40 delegates

This machine learning and AI workshop provides an overview of the use of modern data science and AI methods in the context of physics and related problems. It comprises lectures, practical tutorials and discussion sessions to allow participants to explore methods and help develop an understanding of what tools and methods work well under different circumstances.

The workshop will be beneficial to researchers working on data-rich theoretical and experimental projects, not just in astronomy and particle physics but also more general topics reflecting the pervasive nature of data science in society today. This will better equip graduates for their life after their PhD, in both academia and industry.

Requirements: A laptop computer is essential to follow the tutorial parts of this workshop.

This event is free (SEPnet pays for your accommodation and course fees) for SEPnet postgraduate researchers and travel expenses incurred can be claimed from your Physics Department.

Register here.  Registration deadline: 11 December 2019

This event is now full and you will be put on a waitlist.  If a place becomes available you will be contacted by the organiser.