If you attended a GRADnet event during your studies and have now completed your degree, we’d love to hear how your SEPnet training has benefitted you, with the benefit of hindsight. Now that you are working, what were the most valuable or memorable bits?

Please leave a comment, noting what event(s) you are referring to (rough description and year will suffice), and in what ways it/they turned out to be valuable to you. The details of your response will be treated confidentially by the SEPnet staff, though we’d like to be able to repeat your comment, or extracts from it, in anonymous form in internal and external communications.

2 thoughts on “Comment form for GRADnet alumni

  1. I attended the 2019 GradNet Summer School at NPL.

    I think the biggest thing I took away from it was how to confidently approach a new topic, of which I might not know anything at all. Learning from doing it in a safe environment helped me to make the basic mistakes early and without any negative consequences – which I’ve been able to benefit from in my new job.

  2. Thanks for your feedback on the NPL Summer School, Steve. I’m glad you found it useful.
    Best wishes

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