Radiation Detection & Instrumentation


As today’s world evolves and expands, research into Radiation Detection & Instrumentation (RDI) holds more relevance than ever. RDI findings can be applied across a wide range of industrial sectors that use radiation detection as a core technology – from medical imaging and security scanning, to the defence services and scientific research organisations, particularly those focusing on nuclear physics, high-energy physics and space science. As the nuclear power industry enters a new era, there’s renewed interest in detector technologies across the energy sector too.

PhD Programmes

For information on our Postgraduate Research programmes and SEPnet PhD Scholarships please see here.

Joining forces

As RDI research can offer insight into Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics & Astronomy, and Applied Radiation Physics, we collaborate with external associated nodes, as well as with SEPnet universities, regional industrial partners and other research institutions. Linking directly with the Science & Technology Facilities Council, we’re building a critical mass of Radiation Detector research that will support both regional activity and national science priorities. None of which would have been possible without the SEPnet collaboration.

For more information on DISCnet, please visit the DISCnet website directly where you will find extensive resources.