Silvia Nagy, 3rd year theoretical physics undergraduate at QMUL

When it came to choosing which university to apply to, it goes without saying that I already knew about the great reputation of Queen Mary, University of London – which of course played a big part in my decision. However, when I looked closer, it also seemed like a friendly university where you could get a good degree, as well as enjoy student life.

A course that fits around me

What do I enjoy most about my course? It has to be the flexibility. You can choose your own path, whilst having the guidance of advisors on hand if you need it. You’re also given the opportunity to experience research first hand, as well as access to the lecturers. They’re all very open and more than happy to share their experiences and help you any time you need.

Village within a city

The fact that Queen Mary is the only campus-based university in London is already a big bonus, but what makes it extra special is the fact that the campus is like a little oasis, so close to the city. It has its own amazing restaurants, cafes, shops and student bar, which is perfect for socialising with other students. There’s even a modern gym and sports hall where you can try just about everything, from basketball to cheerleading.

Next steps

This summer I’ve been working with one of the research groups in the department as part of an undergraduate internship programme. It’s really shown me what a fascinating career research would be, and I’m currently planning to continue my studies and go on to complete a PhD.