Dr Annika Lohstroh, Senior Lecturer, University of Surrey

Chair of SEPnet’s Radiation Detection Instrumentation Research Theme

Director of the MSc Physics (Euro Master) and MSc in Medical Physics (Euro Master) programmes

Chair of the Physics Department’s Project Juno committee

Developing an interest in nuclear physics

I grew up in central Germany where I studied for my undergraduate Diploma in physics at Göttingen University. I developed an interest in nuclear solid state physics during a 6-month exchange programme with the Catholic University Louvain in Belgium. Subsequently, I continued to study this area of physics that uses techniques originating in nuclear physics to investigate semiconductor properties, like hyperfine interaction methods and ion beam analysis.

Nuclear Physics and what diamonds have to do with it

I moved to Guildford during the summer of 2002 and obtained my PhD at the University of Surrey researching charge transport properties in wide band gap semiconductors for radiation detection applications with a particular emphasis on chemical vapour deposited diamond. I extended these studies as a Research Fellow at the University of Surrey during the following years, was appointed as Lecturer in 2008 and promoted to Senior Lecturer in March 2013. My scientific aim is to understand the limitations of current radiation detector performance and to find ways to overcome these limits.

My ideal week outside of work

In my spare time I like to relax with friends and family, sometimes visiting new places together, going for walks, to the theatre… If possible I prefer travelling by train – even for long distances – because I think it’s the best excuse to read books! I particularly like crime novels. I am also an active member of my local church and get involved with a range of activities – like helping out operating visual equipment, with hospitality or welcoming international students at the annual Advent celebration.