Outreach Officers

SEPnet Team

The SEPnet Outreach and Public Engagement team covers twelve universities. Each Officer has experience working on many different types of Outreach and Public Engagement projects, across many different types of audiences.



01 HertsMark Gallaway – University of Hertfordshire

Mark is a professional astronomer, author and science educator working at the University of Hertfordshire’s as the Public Engagement officer and Ogden Science Fellow
As an Ogden Science Officer, Mark is working with Primary and secondary schools in Hertfordshire, Suffolk and Essex in order to improve science literacy within the classroom, and break gender stereotypes. In addition, he is working with teachers and parents to highlight the importance of physics to the UK economy and the necessity of a broad understanding of science in an evolving job market.

He occasionally makes television and radio appearances as a pundit and has been a science consultant for a number of documentaries, television shows and movies. His current area of research is Star Spots on M-Dwarfs, star formation and ultra-high precision photometry with small telescopes. He also has an interest in star formation, Galaxy structure and the application of Graph and Set theory.

When not working in science education he is raising Aylesbury Ducks in his home in Essex.

Cordi Scott – University of Kent

Cordi Scott graduated from the University of Kent in 2015 with a BSc(Hons) in Astronomy, Space Science & Astrophysics. She has always had an interest in science communication and while an undergraduate signed up to be a student demonstrator. She now runs and develops workshops for the School of Physical Sciences including ‘Cool Physics’ and her favourite – the mobile planetarium. Cordi joined SEPnet in June 2015, five days after finishing her final exams. Cordi is redeveloping the SEPnet Year 10 workshops and is also taking part in the the Festivals project.


Johanna Jarvis – Open University

Johanna Jarvis has a diverse background having taken a career break in the finance industry. She has been running her own astronomy communication business alongside working as a research fellow in the astrophysics department at the Open University for last few years. She joined the SEPnet Outreach team in 2015 and is using her experience of formal teaching, informal outreach/public engagement as well as resource development, workshop and publicity production for activities across all ages and abilities.


Jen Gupta – University of Portsmouth

Jen Gupta is the SEPnet/Ogden Outreach Officer for the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation at the University of Portsmouth. Jen has extensive experience in communicating physics to a range of audiences, from delivering schools lectures at the Royal Institution, to performing astronomy-themed comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, to providing expert views on TV and radio. She has a PhD in Astronomy and Astrophysics from the University of Manchester. Jen manages the Festivals project and is taking part in the Shattering Stereotypes pilot project.


05 QMULMartin Archer – Queen Mary University of London

Dr Martin Archer is an award winning physicist, science writer and one of the UK’s leading science presenters. Martin is well-known both nationally and internationally, having presented national radio shows on Kiss FM for six years and regularly appearing on television (BBC, ITV, Sky) to discuss the latest science stories. He also writes and consults for the vSauce YouTube channels and has regularly written and presented for various BBC online videos including James May’s HeadSqueeze and The Story of Now.

Martin gained his PhD in Space Plasma Physics at Imperial College London studying the dynamic interaction of the solar wind with Earth’s magnetic field and, following postdoctoral research, joined Queen Mary University of London. Passionate about Physics and engaging audiences with the subject, Martin’s unique approach to outreach has included inventing the gestural DJ performance dubbed “WiiJing”, the “DJ Physics” stage show and a citizen science project on listening to waves in spaces.

Martin is redeveloping the SEPnet Year 10 workshops and is also managing the Research in Schools project.


Anna Christodoulou06 RHUL – Royal Holloway University of London

Anna has studied Physics at the University of Athens and fell in love with science communication in 2007, when she participated in FameLab Greece. Since then she has been leading projects, some of which have been internationally awarded, organising events, writing popular science and performing on stage. She is now the Science Outreach Officer at Royal Holloway and is excited about this new role.


Pearl John – University of Southampton

Pearl John is the SEPnet Outreach Officer and Public Engagement Leader for Physics and Astronomy at the University of Southampton.  With a background in teaching laser technology to High School students in the USA, Pearl runs the UoS travelling Light Express Roadshow; bringing Photonics and the science of light to schools, colleges and the general public in the local area. Pearl is an award-winning holographer, exhibiting artwork internationally and she specialises in creative approaches to Science Communication.  Pearl also has a long-standing interest in issues of diversity and equality having run the University’s STEM Support Group for women (Theano).  Pearl has a Masters Degree in Holography from the Royal College of Art and is currently working on finishing a PhD in creative Holography.  Pearl is taking part in the Impact and Shattering Stereotypes projects.


Heather Campbell – University of Surrey

Dr Heather Campbell is the SEPnet Outreach & Ogden Science Officer, in the Department of Physics at the University of Surrey. She studied for an MPhys in Astrophysics (with Research Placement) at Sussex University. After that she moved to the Institute of Cosmology & Gravitation, University of Portsmouth for her PhD, where she studied cosmology using Type Ia Supernovae and data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.

Heather then spent two and a half years as a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge, where she was working on the Gaia Satellite as their supernovae expert and helping develop their outreach programme. While there she had many opportunities to use telescopes around the world, such as in Chile, which was her highlight of being an astronomer.

In February this year, she moved to the University of Surrey as the Outreach Officer.
What enjoys conveying complex research ideas to school students and the public, and watching them click when they understand it.


Darren Baskill09 Sussex – University of Sussex

Das is the SEPnet Outreach Officer at the University of Sussex in Brighton. He has decades of experience of public outreach for all ages, from his days at the University of Leicester and at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, and has appeared on TV, radio, online and in print. In addition to outreach, Das teaches an introductory astronomy lecture course to students from all across the university (both arts and science students) as well as lab techniques to the physics students. He is also an experienced astrophotography, having initiated the Astronomy Photographer of the Year international competition whilst at the Royal Observatory.


10 OxfordSian Tedaldi – Oxford University

Dr Siân Tedaldi is the Outreach Officer at Oxford Physics. Sian’s role is to promote further study and careers in physics through the development and delivery of activities, events and resources. Sian also leads the administration and marketing of the British Physics Olympiad and collaborates with a number of organisations and networks such as SEPnet and The Ogden Trust. Sian graduated in physics from the University of Liverpool in 2003, and went on to complete a PhD in Science Communication.


11 St Mary'sElisabetta Canetta – St Mary’s University

Elisabetta is a nanobiophysicist (a physicist who like to “poke” living cells with a “nano-finger” and see how the cells react) with a passion for communicating physics and its many aspects to the general public. She graduated from the University of Bologna (Italy) with an MPhys in theoretical nuclear physics after which she did a PhD in Experimental Biophysics at the University of Grenoble (France). During her PhD she focused on the development of a new type of Atomic Force Spectrometer for the detection of the nanomechanical properties of living cells. After gained her PhD, Elisabetta moved to the UK and held a series of postdocs at the University of Abertay Dundee, Surrey University and St Andrews University. She then obtained a lectureship in Biophotonics at the University of Cardiff. She is currently a senior lecturer in Applied Physics and Programme Director of the BSc (Hons) Applied Physics degree at St Mary’s University – Twickenham, London.

Elisabetta became an outreach passionate when she was in Cardiff and since then she has developed many outreach and public engagement activities in biophysics, electromagnetism, medical physics and spectroscopy. Elisabetta has also a keen interest in the Physics and Faith interface and she is running a series of events to encourage people with a faith background or with no faith to engage with some of the big questions in physics such as the origin of the universe and human consciousness. In 2014 she became the SEPnet Outreach Officer for St Mary’s University.