Over 50 postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers signed up to the GRADnet Online Machine Learning and AI Workshop on Wednesday, 20 January 2021 which was delivered via Zoom.

Topics covered were Linear Regression; Neural Networks and Convolutional Neural Networks supported. mybinder.org, set up by the Turing Institute along with other notable organisations, was a useful tool for this workshop where students were able to run scripts or run jupyter notebooks through their browser linked to the tags of the git repository.

This workshop is always a popular event in the GRADnet training calendar and the feedback was once again very positive, particularly for an online event:

  • “Doing these things on zoom is excellent! It makes it so much easier to attend. It would be great to keep this option after the pandemic ends.”
  • “Great to have the breakout room discussions with hands on practise with the code. The helpers were also very helpful, and interesting to talk to about the wider topic of ML”
  • “The explanation of the Jupyter notebooks was really great.”

Thank you to Professor Adrian Bevan, Queen Mary University of London for delivering this workshop and postgraduate researchers, Joe Davies and Tong Qui, also from QMUL, who provided excellent hands-on support in the breakout sessions. 

GRADnet looks forward to working with Adrian and his team next year!