SEPnet, together with LGBT STEM are launching a set of profiles showcasing different LGBT+ folk who have studied or worked across our many different partners.

You can download the entire set as a pdf here.

Adam Tarrant
Current Role:
Undergraduate Student
SEPnet Partner: 
“I struggled because I wasn’t stereotypically gay nor was I really into hyper masculine things like sport. So, it’s taking me years to realise that stuff like wearing makeup doesn’t affect my masculinity.”

Ashley Spindler
Current Role: 
R&D Engineer, Online Content Creator
SEPnet Partner: Open & Surrey
“As an academic, being openly trans rarely affected my day to day. However it has limited my career options as many places in the world which are still hostile to LGBT+ people are off the table for job searching and attending conferences.”

Dominic Galliano
Current Role: 
Director of Outreach & Public Engagement
SEPnet Partner: All of them!
“STEM was a safe place for someone who was closeted, so that definitely played a role in why I chose it. I didn’t come out until the final year of university.”

Eram Rizvi
Current Role:  Deputy Dean for Research in the faculty of Science & Engineering
SEPnet Partner: QMUL
“Being an Asian man was already a more obvious and visible difference in the physics community. I’m very glad to see that there is much more ethnic diversity in our student population than when I was an undergraduate.”

Linda Cremonesi
Current Role: 
Research Associate at UCL in Particle Physics
SEPnet Partner: QMUL
“My only criteria for a future job are: an interesting research and having my wife with me, so who knows where I’m going to be?”

Nick French
Current Role:
IT Technician
SEPnet Partner: Kent
“Being gay hasn’t affected my career decisions. I’ve never felt put off from pursuing a certain career because of my sexuality. Ever since I was young computers and technology have interested me and so I decided to take my career in that direction.”

Sarah-Jane Lonsdale
Current Role: 
Principal’s Career Development Scholar in Nuclear Physics
SEPnet Partner: Surrey
“I’ve generally had a very good experience of being ‘out’ in science. The university sector in the UK is very welcoming, and I’ve had no problems with colleagues that I’ve collaborated with so far in my academic work. People tend to be intrigued, and might ask a bit about my partner to begin with, but other than that it’s business as usual!”

Solomon Melides
Current Role: 
PhD Student in Food Science
SEPnet Partner: Surrey
“I’m doing a physical sciences doctorate so most of my time is in the lab gathering experimental data.”

Steph Astro
Current Role: SEPnet Employability Advisor
SEPnet Partner: Kent
“I would tell those in similar situations that there is strength in numbers, not least because you always have someone to talk to but also, a group of people have a voice.  There are still prejudiced people hidden in the tiniest of pockets wherever you work.”

Toby Shannon
Current Role: 
Public Engagement Manager at the IOP
SEPnet Partner: Surrey
“I have been really fortunate in that I have had loads of amazing role models and colleagues (LGBT+ and otherwise) in the roles I have worked in and this has made me feel that this is an inclusive, diverse field to work in and one that I feel at home and included in.”

These profiles were made for the first ever International LGBT STEM Day. To find out more search #LGBTSTEMDay on your favourite social media.