Studying with SEPnet


When it comes to choosing a high quality physics course, the South East of England is fast becoming the only serious contender to study in. The combination of research themes being developed by our institutions, and the collaborative teaching approach they offer provides students with unprecedented access to a wealth of UK science.

We offer a wide range of study options, including undergraduate degrees, vocational Masters courses, the two year European standard MSc, and a collaborative Graduate School for PhD students.

Undergraduate courses

The courses offered by the SEPnet universities cover a breadth of physics disciplines for ambitious undergraduates. Find out more.

PhD Places in Physics

SEPnet offers a range of fully-funded physics PhD awards based on a strategy to tackle Grand Challenges in Physics. Find out more.

European Masters in Physics

This unique course is changing the face of physics learning, providing full access to the quality facilities and teaching of six world-class English universities. Find out more.

The SEPnet Graduate Network

GRADnet brings together the research strengths of nine leading University Physics Departments that make up the SEPnet consortium in the south east of England to create the largest Physics post graduate school in England. Find out more.

International students

From application requirements to useful website links, we’ve included helpful information for anyone thinking of coming to study in the UK. Find out more.