A HEFCE grant of £12.5m over five years, the combined resources of all nine universities, and an overarching framework geared around maximising the potential of them all. It’s no surprise that our research initiatives are already enjoying success in initiating collaboration, running workshops, strengthening interdisciplinary research links and gaining PhD studentships.

One vision, seven institutions

Each department blends their expertise to define and produce work as a collective body, with SEPnet supporting co-ordination and research planning. Our primary research themes are incredibly diverse, and vary according to topic, construction and philosophy:

  • Atomic & Condensed Matter – A diverse project that is taking significant steps to identify and grow synergies between departments
  • Particle Physics – The NExT Institute and its role in nurturing a strong collective
  • Astrophysics – Building a strong regional node and driving the national and international LOFAR project
  • Radiation Detection & Instrumentation – Taking an early lead in delivering a taught postgraduate programme by building relationships with NExT and astrophysics
  • More Research Areas – Our research goes far beyond the four themes above – discover information, links and more related to our most recent insights

PhD Programmes

For information on our Postgraduate Research programmes and SEPnet PhD Scholarships please see here.

SEPnet Equipment Inventory

SEPnet hosts a vast range of facilities for research and development. If you are looking for equipment as part of a research proposal then look here first. Besides most state-of-the-art microscopes and spectrometers, there are supercomputers, hypervelocity guns, lasers etc. For a comprehensive list look here: