Astronomy and Astrophysics


SEPnet-Astro is a collaboration of astronomy centres within six of the SEPnet universities. Combining resources, insight and their own specialist knowledge, the universities are boosting physics in the region across the entire spectrum of astronomy, from planetary science and space science, to astrophysics and cosmology.

PhD Programmes

For information on our Postgraduate Research programmes and SEPnet PhD Scholarships please see here.


As with all SEPnet activity, collaboration plays a key role in our work, particularly between astronomers, cosmologists and space scientists at the Astro institutes. Research themes are wide-ranging, and include observations of objects and phenomena, as well as predictions for LOFAR from stars, galaxies and other wavelengths – subjects that hold common interest for astrophysicists, yet wouldn’t have been collaborated on prior to the creation of SEPnet.

Through strategic investment in radio astronomy, we’re continuing to encourage and support coherent research across South East England by:

  • Hiring more astrophysicists within SEPnet universities, to cover and complement various research topics, and consolidate astrophysics within the region
  • Committing research funding to LOFAR-UK to create new radio astronomy facilities in the South East, including the LOFAR radio station at the Chilbolton Observatory
  • Developing significant computational resources for SEPnet-Astro partners to enable the analysis, transport and storage of data from the next generation of radio observatories
  • Supporting the SEPnet Graduate School
  • Incorporating teaching expertise at undergraduate and postgraduate level

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