Schools Outreach

page_image_schoolsThe SEPnet Outreach aim is to deliver activities which communicate the following messages to students in Key Stage 3 and 4:

  1. Anyone can do physics.
  2. Physics is exciting, relevant & important; it goes beyond the classroom.
  3. Studying physics further broadens career possibilities.

The SEPnet Outreach core workshops are currently being redeveloped. To stay up to date with the latest news, please sign up to our teacher’s newsletter

SEPnet Outreach provides a co-ordinated programme to schools and colleges to maintain and grow the current physics student population – benefiting from economies of scale, mutual support and partnership rather than regional competition. All our partner off the following core workshops:

The following activities are also available at some of partners:

Each of the SEPnet Outreach partners also offers regional projects based on their local research interests and specialties.

Some of the SEPnet Outreach partners are also looking at new and innovative projects which include:

  • Shattering Stereotypes.
    SEPnet is looking at how its Outreach Officers can tackles the gender stereotyping problem found in subject choice for GCSE subjects in schools.
  • Research in Schools.
    SEPnet is looking at how physicists at our partner institutions can get KS4 and KS4 students at their local schools working on the latest research. This project is being led by Queen Mary University of London.