Janice HJanice Hartart – University of Hertfordshire

Janice Hart has a Business and Marketing degree from the University of Westminster. She has extensive UK and international marketing and sales experience in the telecoms, tobacco and conference industry. Janice worked at the University of Hertfordshire for 12 years in the careers and business development teams. More recently she provided consultancy for Nottingham Trent University careers and placement service. She recently returned to the University of Hertfordshire to focus on the newly formed SEPnet employer liaison role.bg-transparent

Stephanie AstroStephanie Astro – University of Kent

Stephanie graduated with a BSc(Hons) PES QTS from the University of Greenwich in 2000. She spent over a decade teaching in Kent, specialising in the promotion of collaborative science teaching between the primary and secondary sectors. More recently Stephanie worked at the Institute of Physics as Science Writer and Editor within the Education department. She is passionate about sharing the wonders of physics in an educational capacity and ensuring the sustainability of high calibre physics professionals within the UK. Stephanie joined the SEPnet team working from the University of Kent in October 2013.bg-transparent

Seema ShoorSeema Shoor – Open University

Seema studied Applied Social Sciences at undergraduate level and has achieved an MA in Education from Brunel University. More recently, she has also completed a PG Cert in the Management of Student Work Experience and is currently working towards PG Cert in Career Coaching. Seema has spent much of her career working with employers and helping them recruit students and graduates. She now holds the post of Employer Engagement Officer at the Open University, where she will provide opportunities for undergraduates and postgraduates to network with industry specialists, helping them towards gaining insights and work experience. Seema joined the Open University in January 2014.

Danny Atkins – University of Portsmouth

Danny studied applied physics at the University of Portsmouth and this was followed by a graduateship in electronics and masters in microwave solid state physics and an MBA. Danny has many years’ experience of the world of physics in academia and in industry he has worked for a number of defence orientated companies. He also has personal experience of many different styles of learning including; full-time, part-time, distance, and professional. Danny is currently working towards completing his doctorate at the University of Portsmouth and during this time has experience of the training offered at the postgraduate level.

Arabella Nock – Queen Mary University of London

With a background in fine art sales and the public sector, Arabella is a natural communicator and being surrounded by physicists at home has fostered a curious interest in science. HE experience includes having worked previously at the University of Bedfordshire as an Employability Adviser where she recently completed a Level 6 in Careers Guidance and Development. This has developed excellent research and negotiation skills.

ClaireHepwood_Claire_2_small Hepwood – Royal Holloway University of London

Claire was educated in Switzerland and came to England to study and obtain a BSc in Computer Science with modern languages. Claire worked in industry specialising in high performance computing in the defence and academic arena. Claire has held a variety of positions from Software Analyst to Professional Services Consultant. Claire worked at AWE where she focused on collaborating with their French counterparts and forging new relationships with academia in the UK. Claire worked as a HPC Collaborator before taking on the position of Strategic Outreach Scientist working for the Chief Scientist. Claire sourced and organised sponsorship for WISE events and was influential in AWE becoming an active member of WISE. Claire is a member of the BSC, WiHPC and WISE.

Michelle Limbert – University of Southampton

Michelle has an LLB Hons (Law and French) degree from Manchester Metropolitan University, a Masters in European and International Law from the Université de Toulouse and a Certificate in Political Science from Science Po Aix (France). Michelle has spent much of her career overseas; as a university lecturer and supporting student career development activities including multi-disciplinary collaboration work and placement activity. Michelle later worked with the European Commission supporting UK industry internationalisation activities. More recently Michelle has worked for the University of Southampton with a focus on creating “Impact” including employer engagement, knowledge transfer (secondments and internships) and promoting entrepreneurship.bg-transparent

Kay PearsonKay Pearson – University of Surrey

Kay graduated from Cambridge University in 1986 with a degree in Geography and spent the next ten years working in the City of London, for the Bank of England and with a shorter stint at an Investment Management company. Keen to work more directly with people, Kay moved into HE careers work with an initial post at Cambridge University, then the University of London followed by the College of Law (now the University of Law – ‘ULaw’). As a result, she has worked with hundreds of students across a range of disciplines on careers related issues as well as with private clients. Kay managed the first email careers service for alumni members at ULaw and has extensive experience of working with clients using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (a personality assessment tool) and coaching techniques, having qualified as a Personal Performance Coach in 2010. As well as face to face work with students, Kay has worked on various research projects at the University of Law, such as the differential success rates of student groups, alternative ways to qualify as a solicitor, employer perception of the OU law degree and has written many articles on careers and education topics.bg-transparent

Sarah SpencerSarah Spencer – University of Sussex

Sarah graduated with a Business degree and for the past 9 years has worked for one of the top 5 graduate employers in the UK. Sarah has recruited and mentored students predominately on early identification programmes such as the Summer Internship and Industrial Placement. Sarah also worked collaboratively with Lancaster University and a financial Institute to run a 4 year degree programme.bg-transparent