Writing a strong paper

This section will seek to summarise some key points and approaches when writing a paper. The main objectives are to assist you gain awareness of communication and writing etiquette throughout the process. The purpose of this is to help increase efficiency and minimize stress through knowledge and organisation. Please note, this is not intended to be an extensive 'how to write a paper' course: detailed writing skills courses on-line can be found here. Add Link! Before we begin, it is useful to consider the folllowing:

Why do we want a strong paper?

  • Writing a strong papers fundamentally communicates your science well, which helps ensure you can publish your work in an appropriate journal: A good publication record helps career progression! The latter will ensure interesting scientists actually read your work, which will increase citations!.

What makes a strong paper?

Take some time to consider what makes a strong paper. See if you can break down a paper you found particularly easy to read and understand, ie. a paper you enjoyed as it communicated the science well. It is generally agreed that a strong paper is...


Posted by: Ilana Wisby.