The submission process

Experiences of the submission process varies from Journal to Journal, as well as from paper to paper - so speak to your colleagues or supervisor to get an idea of typical experiences of the process.

An overview
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The process begins by submitting your paper online to the Editor of your chosen Journal. The manuscript, high quality figures, cover letter and author information is required for this;

Further details and guidance about 'Submitting' can be found here .

Once your paper has been submit, the journal will most likely acknowledge the receipt of your manuscript. This will likely contain a reference number required for future correspondence.

The Editor will next make a ‘desk rejection or acceptance' and inform you of their decision. This can generally take up to 30 days, though some journals are quicker. If you are successful at this stage, the Editor will next assign a number of field specialists for the purpose of Peer Review.

If unsuccessful, get back on your horse and get about re-writing your paper for the next Journal on your list!

Information about 'Dealing with Rejections' can be found here.

More information about 'Editor Responses' can be found here.

The Review process can take a long time (approximately 30 - 60+ days), and will likely provide a mixed barrel of feedback for you and the Editor with regard to your manuscript. The reviewers will advise if they believe the paper is fit for publication.

On the basis of these reviews, the Editor will decide if your paper is either:

  1. a) Rejected
  2. b) Accepted with revisions
  3. c) Accepted as is

Case c) is a very rare occurrence!

Further information and guidance on dealing with 'Reviewer Comments and Revisions' is found here.

Once you have complete your revisions and provided a ‘Revision Letter’ to the Editor, these will be assessed (either by the Editor or re-assessed by the Reviewers depending on the nature of changes). Once satisfied, you will finally be accepted for publication: horrah! But, the long tiresome road is not quite over yet (sorry)… There is a final hurdle to get through: proofing, some legalizing, some thanking, and finally, some celebrating!

Further information on 'The Final Hurdle' is found here.


Posted by: Ilana Wisby