GRADnet Summer School

‘I Wish I Had Known Earlier’ – GRADnet Student-led Online Learning Proposal Call

Once again GRADnet is offering a scheme in which postgraduate researchers can create online learning modules to share their knowledge and experience with peers in earlier years.  We invite you to participate in this. You will receive a £1,000 bursary for each online module you create. Details of previously created modules are available on the VRE. Log on to

Proposals can be to support the development of either technical skills (for example, theoretical methods and tools, or practical physics know-how and skills) or more transferable/genetic skills (for example, Managing your Time, or Presenting at Conferences).  Although we have provided these examples, we expect that you will have a much better idea from your own experience of exactly what you wished you had known when you had started or what you had difficulty getting to grips with. These modules are designed to help those coming behind you avoid the same problems.

You are asked to submit a proposal for an online module, see attached guidelines and form. The proposal should identify the topic, provide an outline of what a module needs to cover and what learning it is intended to deliver. If selected, you will receive mentoring to help you develop a high quality virtual learning package in one of several possible formats (video, website, text etc). This is another skill to add to your portfolio.  Collaborative modules between groups of students are particularly welcomed. This is an excellent opportunity to develop your teaching skills and experience for your CV.

Before you submit your proposal, there will be a chance to discuss your ideas and see what previous students have done on Tuesday, 25 October 2015 at 11:15-12:15 via Skype.  If you wish to participate in this session please email by midday on Friday, 21 October 2016 and I will then send you the SEPnet Skype contact details.

I wish I had known application form and guidance 2016 Final