Clean Code:

Best Practices in Programming

Clean code, in its simplest form, is about creating organised, readable and terse programming code. This is important because countless hours are wasted from people trawling through long files of difficult to understand code that can be riddled with bugs, clunky functions and randomly placed variables. Clean code solves all these problems!

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Intended Audience

This course is aimed at postgraduates who have some knowledge of a text based programming language. Click below for a guide on where to start and how to apply these new skills.

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Course Content

Follow through here to see a course syllabus and a breakdown of what you will learn. Learning outcomes include: programming grammar, the DRY principle and other best practices.

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Further Reading

I learnt most of these skills, tips and tricks from a job in web development that I had before starting my PhD but I find these sources to be helpful reminders. Check them out if you ever need to remind yourself!

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