GRADnet’s Virtual Research Environment

The GRADnet Virtual Research Environment is your “one stop shop” to engage with GRADnet, its training programme and others in the GRADnet Community. It has news, bulletin boards, employer engagement, and the entire training programme. It is the primary means of enrolling on GRADnet offerings. It is essential that all GRADnet students have registered, log on regularly and use it.

To sign onto the GRADnet Virtual Research Environment you will need an account. If you do not have one you can register from this page or by connecting to New accounts may take upto five days at this time of the year.

If you have forgotten your password you can call the helpdesk on 01908 653972 and ask for your “visitor SAMS password” to be reset. You will need to know your username (OUCU) and may be asked to confirm your date of birth. If you are experiencing problems after doing this, please contact:                               

The VRE has been tested on the Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE10/Edge Browsers. There are known restrictions in IE8 and IE9 that are being worked on.

We welcome feedback to improve the VRE for the benefit of our students and staff. Please contact or speak to your Postgraduate Student Representative.