Our Training

The innovative DISCnet training programme will establish a mix of interdisciplinary, externally relevant data intensive science skills, appropriate domain-specific knowledge, and professional/personal development skills amongst our entire CDT cohort. DISCnet will deliver i) Data intensive science training, ii) Professional skills training, iii) Domain-specific training, iv) Cohort-building activities, and v) Outreach and public engagement – and of course our industrial placements.


A schematic layout indicative of the training elements planned for DISCnet

Our Placements

At least 22 students will spend six months in a non University environment to undertake a research project that exploits their data intensive science skills, but is on new topic not directly related to their PhD project.  Placements will primarily be in business or public sector organisations, with some placements in government research establishments.

Our Partners

We have partnerships with a number of organisations.  A list will appear in due course.