Regional Projects

Each of our Partners also offers additional workshops based on their research interests. Here is a flavour of what is on offer across the region.

University of Kent

  • Accelerate!
    Age: KS4 to KS5
    An interactive Liquid Nitrogen show about particle accelerators; it walks the audience through what is required in order for a particle accelerator to work by using multiple demonstrations and interactive experiments. This session is suitable for GCSE/A-level students.It is recommended that this 45-60 minute session should be shown to 30-60 students at a time but larger groups can be accommodated. Venues need to be ventilated.

  • Cool Physics
    Age: KS3
    An interactive Liquid Nitrogen show that includes information on extreme cold and living tissue, the liquid to gas expansion and material properties at low-temperature and is suitable for Years 7 – 9, with plenty of opportunities for members of the audience to participate.It is recommended that this 45 – 60 minute session should be shown to 30 – 60 students at a time but larger groups can be accommodated. Venues need to be ventilated.

Queen Mary University of London

  • Lego Physics Kits
    Age: KS4 to KS5
    A set of resources for students and teachers using LEGO® to illustrate physics concepts. These kits include bricks, lesson plans, activity sheets and booklets which cover curriculum linked topics in radiation and particle physics. Order the kits here.
  • University Taster Days
    Age: KS5
    Dates: June – July
    Booking: Book between January – April
    Find out what it’s like to study Physics or Astronomy at a Vibrant Russell Group university. Spend a busy day getting a feel for different aspects of the undergraduate physics courses at Queen Mary. We offer taster days in Physics, Astrophysics and one specifically for female physicists. The varied programme includes an engaging lab session, tutorial and a lecture all taken from the first year course. On top of this, students will also be able to chat to staff and current students, take a tour of our facilities and find out about the cutting edge research taking place in the School.
  • Physics at University (and beyond)
    Age: KS4 to KS5
    Dates: On Demand
    Booking: Contact Dr Martin Archer.
    Our Physics Undergraduate Ambassadors present a workshop on what Physics is like to study at University, what skills you’ll gain and the potential careers you could go on to do As part of the workshop you’ll derive Einstein’s famous E=mc2 equation, work out why planets spin and see why in action!