Physics: What, Why, How?

Physics: What, Why How?

SEPnet develops new KS3 workshops based on ASPIRES report findings.

The workshop will deliver the following messages to key stage 3 students:

  1. Anyone can do physics.
  2. Physics is exciting, relevant & important; it goes beyond the classroom.
  3. Studying physics further broadens career possibilities.

ASPIRES shows that science capital is key is selection of STEM subjects throughout GCSE and A-Level. By delivering the above messages the workshops aim to maintain and raise the science capital of our target students. For those with medium science capital, these workshops should encourage them to view STEM as a pathway to a potential career, for those with high science capital, they will be encouraged to think specifically about physics.

In particular the workshops should take on the following recommendations from ASPIRES:

  1. Bust the brainy image of physics / physics careers.
  2. Break the science = scientist link.
  3. Help embed STEM careers awareness in science lessons.
  4. Help build science capital with students and families.

What format will the workshops be?
Three workshops ideally delivered one a term across a school year. These will be delivered at Year 8 science lessons to middle and high-tier science sets. No preparation will be required by teachers before delivery of the sessions.

Who will deliver the workshop?
SEPnet Outreach Officers and experienced Undergraduate Ambassadors. Some of the workshops will require quick thinking which will challenge our more experienced Ambassadors. Ideally the same person would deliver the three workshops across the year.

What will the workshops contain?
Physics: What? – Introduces the idea of physics to the class. This is done through showing how physics connect every day concepts and ideas to KS3 science curriculum content and the latest research.

Physics: Why? – Demonstrates how studying STEM and physics can lead to many different careers. The class is split into groups and become competing recruitment agencies placing physics graduates into jobs.

Physics: How? – The class looks into designing and running an experiment, introducing the scientific method.

When will the workshops be available?
The workshops will be available from September 2017.

How can my school help?
At the moment SEPnet is looking for schools around London to run our second round of testing in June / July time. At this stage we would like to test each workshop to a different Year 8 science class, if possible on the same day.

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We are also looking for input from KS3 & KS4 science teachers to ensure the works bring additional value to the classroom and complementary to the curriculum and their current lesson plans.

If you’d like to contribute, please do contact us.