Looking to explore the Universe and how it works in more details? Ever wondered how all the particles smaller than the atom fit together? Want to explore how Physics is used in medicine and in the manufacturing industries? The following one day events are available at our SEPnet partners, each day focusing on a specialised topic. We encourage students of all abilities to apply.

University of Portsmouth, Physics Taster Day (Cosmology / Medical Physics)
Ages: Year 12
Time of year: TBC
How to apply: Booking via the University of Portsmouth Education Liaison and Outreach Team

A full day of cosmology and medical physics talks and activities at the University of Portsmouth, with the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation and the Radiography department.

Queen Mary University of London, Particle Physics
Ages: KS5
Time of year: Feb-Mar
How to apply: Check website. Bookings will be required to pay a refundable deposit of £3 per student. This is to ensure the small number of places can be distributed fairly and not held for groups that do not attend.

Talk to scientists at CERN, work with real particle physics data and attend particle physics lectures on this day-long Masterclass. This one day event that gives sixth form students (and their teachers!) the chance to learn about particle physics from the scientists doing the research. Students will attend talks and work with real particle physics data, sharing their findings with Physicists at CERN via video link.

Royal Holloway University of London, Particle Physics
Ages: KS5
Time of year: April-May
How to apply: Check website

A one day masterclass for school groups. The schedule for this event consists of a mixture of talks and practical sessions centred around particle physics. Students will learn about Quarks, Leptons, Antimatter, the Big Bang, CERN and the ATLAS detector from our research experts at Royal Holloway.

St Mary’s, Twickenham, Additive Manufacturing
Ages: KS4 to KS5
Time of year: tbc
How to apply: E-mail Dr Elisabetta Canetta

3D printing is becoming a reality in our ever-expanding technological society. This one day masterclass focuses on the operational principles of additive manufacturing as well as its advantages and limitations. The students will also be introduced to the software used to design different objects, such as mechanical and electronic components.