Key Stage 4 Activities


KS4 is a core audience for SEPnet Outreach. We aim to increase the number of students taking physics at A-Level, through a variety of carefully targeted enhancement and enrichment activities. Some reinforce curriculum content; others show the relevance and beauty of cutting-edge research. All of our activities are free of charge, and most are available in school or on campus. These sessions are delivered in school by all SEPnet partners. For more information please email us.

Investigating Spectra

  • Build a spectroscope.
  • Identifying elements using spectra.
  • Absorption and emission spectra.

A Walk through the Electromagnetic Spectrum

  • Infra red cameras.
  • Light beam communication systems.
  • Electromagnetic spectrum.
  • Applications in medicine.

Medical Physics

  • Medical imaging techniques.
  • How ultrasound works.
  • Radiotherapy.
  • Use of pulse oximeter and Doppler blood flow meter.