page_image_our_reputationThe SEPnet consortium encompasses two Russell Group institutions and our SEPnet partners are all internationally renowned and appear in the THE Top 400 worldwide or in the top 100 ‘under 50’. It’s certainly an impressive start. But what excites us most is the potential that SEPnet has for the future of economic, research and teaching development.

A unique combination of traditional and modern, SEPnet is a rare blend of cutting-edge research activity, high level business engagement and teaching excellence. The perfect conditions to nurture and accelerate the power of physics on a local, national and global scale.


Our institutions are all internationally renowned, with strong cultures and accolades of their own. Whilst each has a distinct teaching and research reputation, collectively they are a powerhouse of combined expertise. Together they’re able to initiate ambitious research that wouldn’t be possible alone.

Postgraduate students also benefit from the specialist knowledge of individual universities, using video conferencing that allows access to each partner, no matter where the student is based. Through collaboration we can offer an advanced curriculum that builds on the strengths of each partner, whilst being available to all.


SEPnet is also the first group of UK universities to offer a Masters in Physics that conforms to the European standard. Highly appealing to UK, EU and international students, the profile of the course is rising fast. Something that could be said of physics itself, as we continue to promote the subject in the South East to benefit the future of science in the UK.

We’re also reinforcing the contribution of Higher Education to society and the economy. As our reputation develops, so do fruitful links with UK employers – engaging organisations in research, consultancy, CPD and graduate employment.


Using our thriving regional research and outreach activities as a springboard, we’ve partnered on several national and international projects, including LOFAR and the LHC. Harnessing the power of the combined expertise, facilities and insight of all seven universities, we’re continuing to build on our success, and increasingly global reputation.

Equality and Diversity

SEPnet is committed to equality and diversity in all aspects of its work. We support SEPnet partners to adopt best practice in gender equality by signing up to the Institute of Physics’ Project Juno and applying for Athena SWAN award recognition. We work closely with equality organisations such as WISE and Generating Genius to address issues related to the under-representation of certain groups in physics.