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Scope of the Course

As a researcher, the publication process is an absolute necessity for career progression. If you are about to publish for the first time, you may have many questions about the process:

  1. Where do I begin?
  2. How do we choose a journal?
  3. How do I start writing? What format do I write in?
  4. What am I to expect of the submission process?
  5. How long should the process take?

However, this course also seeks to highlight aspects of the publication process which you may not have been aware of, or necessarily thought to have asked. These areas we often learn as we go along, but I believe that awareness early on is incredibly beneficial to both you, personally, as well as the outcome of your publication. Such aspects include:

  1. Communicating with co-authors
  2. Graphics and following the guide to authors
  3. Submitting: Cover letter etiquette
  4. Dealing with comments and revisions: writing response letters
  5. The importance of proofing.
  6. Organisation and early awareness: Course documentation

This course will assist in answering such questions and hopefully help in guiding you through the path to publication, be it for the first time, or a path you have taken many times.

Using the course

I very much hope it can be of some assistance to you, not only as a one time-read (guesstimate 2 hrs or so), but also as a reference throughout the writing and publication process as and when required.

Technical information

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Many thanks to SEPnet and Royal Holloway for support and assistance in this project, with particular thanks to my supervisors Tobias Lindstrom and Phil Meeson for their patience, as well as Dave Farmer and Sebastian de Graaf for enthusiasm, proofing and advice.

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Posted by: Ilana Wisby