Where should I start?

Not yet comfortable with LaTeX

If you already have a tex distribution and text editor installed then you should begin the course at chapter 3: Layout a LaTeX document. The chapters are designed to build upon the work of the previous chapter. Therefore if you are not yet very comfortable with LaTeX then be wary of skipping too far ahead.

Used to use LaTeX

If you have used LaTeX but not recently then use the beginning sections of each chapter as a quick revision and move on to the more advanced sections towards the end of the chapter. You could also begin with the overview video to help refresh your memory. The videos are designed to cover examples for the basic material and so would provide good revision for users returning to LaTeX after a break.

Advanced user of LaTeX

If you are an advanced user of LaTeX and looking for particular examples or information then use the objectives page at the beginning of every chapter to help guide you. The content for each objective is on a new slide and they are presented in the order that they are listed.